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Why join the commercialisation community?

Immerse yourself in a thriving innovation community filled with entrepreneurs, social enterprises, venture capitalists and disruptors.

Here, you’ll find a welcoming community to support you with your commercialisation journey. You’ll benefit from lots of expertise in a wide variety of areas. Whether that’s protecting your intellectual property, understanding market viability, accessing resources or connecting with potential investors and industry collaborators, access an ecosystem of experts and organisations to propel your concept forward.

The Wider Ecosystem

Your international knowledge pool.

We team up with different organisations, programmes and incubators across the UK, Europe and beyond, allowing us to tap into a rich network of knowledge and skills.

For researchers like you, this means becoming part of a much bigger community where you can network, get feedback and test ideas in the market.

UKRI logo

The Future Leaders Fellows Development Network delivers specialised leadership training, access to networks and mentors so that members can pursue world-class interdisciplinary research and innovation.
ICURe logo

ICURe is a pre-accelerator programme for researchers. This programme is designed to help explore the commercial application and potential of UK research.
QUBIS logo

The commercialisation arm of QUB. It has a strong track–record in creating startups, and helping commercialise leading–edge technology from the Queen’s research base.
European Institute of Innovation and Technology logo

Europe’s largest innovation network strengthening innovation since 2008.
Your Peers

Embrace the opportunity to learn from one another and forge meaningful connections.

Embarking on the exhilarating journey of commercialisation is often filled with exciting challenges and opportunities. Seeking guidance and inspiration from like-minded peers who have trodden similar paths can be an invaluable source of motivation and growth.

Whether they share your industry area, present potential partnership prospects, or serve as valuable connections, successful entrepreneurs understand the value of a strong and supportive network. Together, we can unlock the power of positive collaboration.

Prof Raj Thakur

Founder & Chief Technological Officer, Re-Vana Therapeutics

Dr Ben Thomas

Chief Executive Officer at AMPLY Discovery

Dr Christina O’Neill

CEO of VascVersa

Dr Terry McGrath

CTO of Bia Analytical

Dr Liam O'Hare

Founder & CEO of Stride

Dr Shannon Beattie

CEO GenoME Diagnostics

The we invent Team

Your first point of contact.

Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals, brimming with boundless energy, diverse skill sets and a passion for driving innovation and igniting transformative change.

Based in the Research & Enterprise Directorate of Queen’s University Belfast, our collective of visionaries, entrepreneurs, educators, IP experts and programme mentors from across the UK work together under the We Invent banner to streamline your pathway to commercialisation.

For any requeries, please contact us at:

Margot Bucaille

we invent Coordinator